Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get out of dantes peek!

Last saterday I wached danets peek. I reely liked it . It was about a volocano and the volcano was about to erupt. And a geolegets and the mayor of dantes peek is trying to get everybody out of the town. But the geolegets boss wont let him send a alert to the town. They send a robot down in the volcano. And something bad happens. The robots leg breaks. And a guy go`s down and try to get the leg get working. But his leg breaks to. But somebody helps him. And later the volcano erupts. But evrybody is still in the town and the mayor of the towns kids try to go get ther grandma. And in a car. Becase ther grandma lives on the top of the mountan but wont come down. And then the volcano erupts reel lava. And then it gets the home ruind. And the lake ther going in it has to much air in the lake and the grandma gets out and in the lake. and when she gets to the brige she is dieing. And after her deth they found a car and the car din`t havethe keys but the geloegets can make the car go with out any keys. And theyl porobyly end up at hard lava and they did and the lava harden in 5 to10 minutes but the weal got on fire. But they survived! And the boy has a secret hide out in the mines which is a good hiding place right now. And before they went to the mines the geolegets got this thing and it has a satalit which and he got help and so did the mayor and her kids to.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

TV! TV!! TV!!! TV!!!! TV!!!!!

All weak I have been watching tv. Cause mom has had the flu! But i have been dooing school only two days this weak! Today i made a playlist.