Thursday, March 27, 2008

My new invintion

Remember my project for the science fair? Well i'm not doing it. I have come up with another project. I am going to to make one with out the light soket and it's going to be in a tank. And erupt by it's self well not relly but you press a butten to make it erupt. This is how you make it. You get a large fish tank and a rubber volcano some hot water, pipes, wood, a butten, fire
exstingwiser. First you grow grass in the tank. Then get the pipes(Two small curved pipes and some that conect to the volcano) well first before you do anything with the pipes put the volcano in then get a small sovel and dig in around the volcano a lake and a hole for the pipes but a strem that connects to the hole. Now you put the pipes in the hole. Now screw the wood on the front and get the butten on. Now put the water in the volcano. oh yeah! Put some thing that gets air out wen you press the butten so the water will get out of the volcano. Now back to the water put the fome that is in the fire exstinweser for the smoke. Now press the butten. Now you mite see this at the McWane center.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ancient egypt/ book of the dead.

I wrote a book report about Ancient Egypt and this is what it says:

"Now you know that the Egyptians think that they would go to this after life and in the stars. Well it happened before to a king. And his pyramid has many solid buildings under it and his spirit went through them with magic!
Well the Sphinx you know that statue with the human head and lion body. Well a prince in Egypt had a dream and the sphinx appeared in his dream and said that if he cleans the sand off his back that the sphinx would make him become king. And he did. The tombs had lots of jewelry and of course that made grave robbers want to come and get it and the tombs were guarded over centuries and any body tried to steal some thing the guards would get them
away but that won't keep them away.
Little servant figures were put in the tombs to take care of them in the next life. The organs were put in little
containers called canopic jars. Well except for the heart because the Egyptians believed that your heart is what makes you have your feelings hurt. A god was a guardian of
the dead. To get into the next life their hearts had to be balanced on a scale. Then that means you have a good life.
If its not your heart will be thrown in a monster called the devourer of the dead. And the book of the dead is a scene with one of the gods is weighing your heart. But it's not true. I just like the picture of it."

Now i know you know that what the Egyptians think is wrong. But the most saddest thing of all is they think that there are gods and godesses. But I know that there is only one true God.