Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas time is here!

Yeah! Chestnuts Rosting on an open fire. Jack frost nibbiling at your nose. Only 21 more days untill christmas. Everybody i know is happy about that. I'm sure you are to. Oh and everybody that has been on my blog it is a public blog now.


Marsha said...

Cool new look, Logan! Love it! I almost picked that same Christmas Countdown clock.

Love you. Can't wait to see you and your sister.


jennie said...

hey logan. i can't wait until Christmas either!
cool background, by the way. :)


Michele Williams said...

Hi Logan,

I really like you cool background! You know your marmi and I picked the same background for our blogs! You think we are related? lol.... You're such a sweet young man... I look forward to getting to know you even more. I pray that we will meet maybe sometime next year! Wouldn't that be cool. I told your marmi that I will be going to see Nana if I have to beg for a ride and hike there! So uncle Jim and I are going to plan on going to PA in June.... We are praying we can take the motor home and maybe even stop by and see you all....wouldn't that be great? So pray real hard that God will provide for us to see everybody June 2009!!!! It's in God's hands! I miss everyone so much!

Great Aunt Michele

craig said...

Well Logan, your page is the coolest! Remember to be nice to your sister and to Anna, the cat. Lana keeps me up to date on you! :)

The Sawyers said...

I love your blog! your such a cool kid!
I love you!

Marsha said...

Logan, I really like the header - is that the same one you used the other day or is it new?