Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricanes are everywhere!

I found this neat website about Hurricanes. Click on the purple words and you will go to the website.
This is a weather forcast of Gustav and Hanna that a teenager did on YouTube.
Hurricanes gather by heat and enrgy from warm ocean waters. When hurricanes take up water from the ocean it makes them have more power.
And i printed out 4 hurricane trackers on each active hurricane. And each day i am going see were each hurricane has been. There are 4 named hurricanes.They are named gustuv, hanna, ike, and josephine. Gustuv hit new orleans. And hanna is going up the east coast.


Anonymous said...

Hi Logan! I'm a friend of your moms. I love your blog! Please tell her thank you for inviting me. When I was a kid, I was fasinated by weather. My older brother made fun of me because I knew all the on-camera meteorologists names from the weather channel! That is a neat website you posted. Looks like you'll have lots to learn about hurricanes with all the storms out there. Good job!

Marsha said...

Very good information, Buddy! I'm going to go click on the purple words now.

Love you!

Have fun at the beach.


Jeanny said...

Hurrincanes are very interesting. I like to watch the path they take and see the their progression. Have fun learning about it!

Miik said...

I coming to visit this weekend? I hope so. I miss you very much.