Monday, September 15, 2008


dolpins! I got to be in a dolpin show at the beach. The person that was talking said that she droped her whisle in the 15 feet deep pool and needed me to go get it. I was about to jump in but she said i sould get a head start. So i did and i was in my clothes and she had to grab me and i was really going to do it and i was realy nervas but she said the dolpin was going to take me to the bottem. But turns out no whistle.


Marsha said...

I'm glad you didn't jump in, Logan.
That would have been dangerous!

I'm really glad you had a great time on vacation.

See you this weekend.


Jeanny said...

You know that dolphins are my favorite.

Next time you go on vacation, bring an extra empty suitcase and I'll sneak in. :)

Glad ya'll had fun!

Mary said...

Logan, you are THE coolest kid on EARTH.
You make me smile.

Marsha said...

Cool background, Logan!

Love you.